How To Cook Food In A Dorm

How To Cook Food In A Dorm with Sarah Long. Sarah gives quick and easy recipes that any family can use- even your child living in a dorm!  Watch Video by clicking the above photo or read the transcript below.


Kristina: Welcome Impactful Parents! Today we’re going to talk about quick-cooking, easy recipes, and teaching your kids how to cook.  I have a special guest, Sarah Long. Sarah is the author of College Cooking 101: Fast Food Without A Kitchen.

Sarah: Thank you so much.

Kristina: Can you give us some breakfast ideas for a quick dorm food recipe?

Sarah: One of my favorite ones is really very simple. It is to cook an egg in a mug or cook omelets in a mug.  Your cooked eggs will already be in a circular shape, so it’s portable, and you can throw your egg on an English muffin or a bagel. It is easy to cut up some ham, some green pepper, tomato, onions, whatever- and make your omelet with a tablespoon of water and a mug. Microwave your mug omelet for about 30 seconds, and then stir it up and put it in again for another 30 seconds. When your eggs are cooked, just throw them on a bagel! You will be good to go.

Kristina: As a single mom of four kids, I can totally use that tip tomorrow to get the kids out the door much faster.

Sarah: Another idea is blended smoothies. Many teenagers are using protein powder and making smoothies. I’m not real big on protein powder, but I like to use almond milk, fruit, peanut butter, or almond nut butter. That’s a great meal as well!

Kristina:  Can you give us some ideas for easy snack and lunch ideas?

How To Cook Food In A Dorm

How To Cook Food In A Dorm

Sarah: One thing I really love that is easy are different varieties of pizza.  Just get some pita bread or flatbread.  Add pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese. Add whatever pizza toppings you like, pepperonis, mushrooms, jalapenos, etc.  Then you can microwave your pizza or put it in a toaster oven.  Everybody loves pizza. Flatbread with shrimp, mozzarella cheese, and some mango salsa is another great idea. Get creative with your toppings.

Kristina: What else do you have for us?

Sarah:  Bean Burritos. Take some black beans, sprinkle a little cumin and chili powder, put it all together on a tortilla with some cheese. Microwave your burrito for about 20 seconds, or you can roll it up and put it in the toaster oven on 400 for about 10 minutes. Serve your burrito with salsa and some avocado. It’s a very healthy high protein snack.

Kristina: What about dessert? We can’t forget about dessert, because that is my favorite meal.

Sarah: An easy trick is to use your Keurig machine for hot water. A lot of people don’t think about that. I use my Keurig to make jello! A cup of hot water from the Keurig was added to box instructions, plus I add some fruit to my jello and Vuala! Easy, healthy, jello!

Another idea is cake in a mug. A quick recipe is to take one and a half tablespoons of the angel food cake mix, one and a half tablespoons of the regular cake mix with two tablespoons of water, and put it in the microwave for a minute. You’ve got your mug cake!  Add some icing to top it all off!

Kristina:  Learning these quick recipes can save your child in college when the dorm food cafeteria hours are closed, and they need a snack or a meal. It’s better to arm your kids with skills than have them rely on fast food and midnight snack runs in the dark.

Sarah: Absolutely. My kids didn’t want to wake up an hour early to go to the cafeteria, stand in line, and walk in the opposite direction. So, cooking breakfast in the room makes a lot of sense.

Kristina:  What would you recommend for parents to supply children in the dorms to have what they need to cook in their little room?

How To Cook Food In A Dorm

How To Cook Food In A Dorm

Sarah: A fridge and a microwave are a good place to start. Sometimes the universities rent them for the door rooms. Your first step will be to look on the housing website and see what they supply and what they allow.  I also would recommend a Keurig machine for hot water and coffee.

Kristina:  Why did you write this cookbook?

Sarah: When my daughter went away to school, she didn’t like the dorm food and kept calling me asking for help.  I realize that all the cookbooks I came across required a stove, so I started to compile my own recipes that my daughter could do in her dorm room.

Kristina: How many recipes are in your book?

Sarah: There are over 80 recipes.

Kristina: Wow. How can we get a hold of this book if we want it for our own kids?

Sarah:  It is sold on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and all the major book retailers.

Kristina:  The name of the book is: College Cooking 101 Fast Food Without A Kitchen.  I recommend it for parents too. I think it is a great alternative to eating fast food when busy families get into a time crunch, and they’re just isn’t time to cook.  Check it out!

Thanks again, Sarah.

And until next time, parents- You got this.  I am just here to help.

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