When Boys Want To Wear A Dress

You are not alone.

❤️ More kids and teens are expressing themselves in non-traditional ways, and many parents:

🧡don’t know what to do

💛are not sure how to respond

💚are scared, worried, and confused

💙need help navigating this unfamiliar and sometimes uncomfortable situation.

If you are a parent who wants to support their child (even if you’re not completely on board with everything going on,) then this episode is for YOU! 💯

Watch and discover parenting tips and resources for supporting your LGBTQ teen or “exploring” child. Help is here. ❤️

Watch the Video below


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Transcript or Impactful Points of this Blog

When Boys Want To Wear A Dress

Help! My son wants to wear a dress.

As parents, our unconditional love for our children means we strive to support and accept them for who they truly are. But what happens when your child wants to go down a path that you don’t want them to take? Many heterosexual moms and dads are facing new parenting territory as children are becoming vocal with their need to express themselves in untraditional ways.

Let’s talk about it! Today I will be giving tips to help parents navigate this situation, support their children, and cultivate an LGBTQ-friendly home.

Hello.  My name is Kristina Campos, founder of The Impactful Parent.  I help parents of school aged children turn their chaos into connection with their adolescence. I am a mom of 4 kids, a teacher that has taught every grade from pre-school to high school, and today I help moms and dads, like yourself, to navigate the exhausting, confusing, frustrating, and rewarding world of parenting.  WELCOME TO THE IMPACTFUL PARENT!

When Boys Want To Wear A Dress

When Boys Want To Wear A Dress

I have a special guest. Rodrigo Bravo.

Rodrigo is a parent, a mediator out of the state of Texas, and most importantly, a dad of an LGBTQ son. I am very grateful to have Rodrigo on Impactful Parent today to talk about his experiences raising a son who wears dresses but comes from a very traditional Latino machismo background where boys aren’t supposed to do that.


Rodrigo talks about his journey with his son.

When Boys Want To Wear A Dress

When Boys Want To Wear A Dress

Then we discuss myths about letting your child dress the way they want.

  • They could be experimenting.
  • I got less backlash to my face than I thought I would.
  • People either don’t care or care a lot
  • You may get people who will blame you for your child’s LGBTQ-ness. Don’t listen.
When Boys Want To Wear A Dress

When Boys Want To Wear A Dress

Big Tips For Navigating:

  • Reevaluate your fears. What are you really afraid of ? If you can identify this, you can address it. Fear for child. Fear for reputation, what people will think. Fear of the uncomfortable.
  • Cultivate Open Communication: The first step in supporting your child’s gender expression is to create an open and non-judgmental environment. Initiate an open and honest conversation, letting your child know that you’re there to listen and understand their feelings. Encourage them to express themselves without fear of criticism or rejection. How did you do this?
  • Make a game plan for the outside world. What does your child feel comfortable with? They may not want to express themselves outside the home yet. What about extended family? How do they want you to navigate this?
  • Educate Yourself: Educating yourself about gender identity and LGBTQ issues is crucial to being an ally to your child. How did you do this? Read books and articles, watch documentaries, and engage with online communities to learn from experiences shared by other parents and LGBTQ individuals themselves.
  • Respect and Validate: It is essential to validate your child’s feelings and let them know that you are behind them 100%. How did you do this? Using their preferred pronouns and chosen name, listen.
  • Seek Professional Support: If you feel uncertain or overwhelmed, reaching out to support groups or seeking guidance from LGBTQ-friendly professionals can be incredibly beneficial. They can provide a safe space for your child to express themselves and offer valuable advice on how to navigate this unique journey.

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