Same Gender Couple Adoption Story

Same Gender Couple Adoption with Mr. Jay! Mr. Jay tells his personal story and answers questions about being in a same-gender parenting family.

Same Gender Couple Adoption

Same Gender Couple Adoption

Highlights of Same Gender Couple Adoption Story:

Part 1: Jay’s personal story 

Jay talks about his 2 adoption experiences and how he met his partner.  Jay describes going through the adoption process with an agency and adopting through the foster care system.

Found at 1:16 in the video 

Part 2: The question the birth mom wants to know.

Found at 16:30 in the video.

Same Gender Couple Adoption
Part 3: Were you worried about foster to adopt kids and what you would receive? 

Found 18:45 in the video

Part 4: Recommendation for same-sex couples wanting to adopt.

Found 22:03 in the video


Part 5: Discrimination being a same-gender parenting family.

Found 25:12 in the video


Part 6: What do you do on Mother’s Day?

Found 27:22 in the video


Part 7: What do you do when people ask your child if they have a mom?

Found 30:25 in the video


Part 8: Why don’t you celebrate Gotcha Day?

Found 33:32 in the video


Same Gender Couple Adoption

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