Preparing For College

It’s college week and The Impactful Parent is posting new videos for your family!  Watch and get those kiddos ready for independence! PLUS Get the FREE PDF:  50 Skills To Teach Your Child Before They Leave Home at

5 quick videos that will help you and your child get ready for college, PLUS a FREE PDF of 50 Skills To Teach Your Teen.  Click on the images below to watch videos or you can listen to the podcast at

Day 1 Preparing For College: How To Support Your College Student first semester!

Day 2 Preparing For College:  How To Talk To Your Child About Sex, Drugs, and Peer Pressure

Day 3 Preparing For College: How To Make The First Visit Home From College Successful!

Day 4 Preparing For College: Preparing your child for University Life

Day 5 Preparing For College: Quick and easy recipes for the dorm.

Day 6: How To Support Your College Student That Lives At Home.

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