Parenting Advice From Across The Pond with special guest Sinead Kavanagh from Ireland.  Sinead is a parenting coach in Ireland with similar views and teaching as The Impactful Parent founder, Kristina Campos. In this interview, Sinead and Kristina discuss how parenting advice from across the pond can be the same all over the world! Sinead and Kristina discuss common parenting mistakes and the solutions to make it right.

Turns out that parenting is parenting.   It doesn’t matter if you live here or on

Parenting Advice From Across The Pond

Parenting Advice From Across The Pond

the other side of the world.  

I had the privilege to discuss popular parenting mistakes with Sinead Kavanagh from Ireland.  We discuss some of the biggest errors parents make while raising their children and some of the simplest solutions to fix those mistakes.   We also discussed the effects of COVID on parenting!  We are all doing our best and raising our children the best we can, but there is always room for improvement and things to learn!   Watch this great interview and forward it to another parent that needs to hear Sinead’s message!

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Parenting Advice From Across The Pond

Parenting Advice From Across The Pond





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