Math and Coding Apps Your Child Will Love

Kristina: Today, we’re going to talk about apps that your kids will actually love, and specifically, I’m looking for some good apps that are math and coding related for your children. Welcome special guest, Karolina Throssell. Karolina is the podcast host of a Kids Review Edtech, where kids review apps and do the reviews. Thanks for being here, Karolina.

Karolina: No problem. Thanks for having me.

Kristina: Tell me a little bit about this podcast.

Karolina:  Kids Review Edtech was born as a result of the pandemic. I was flung into homeschooling, and I was trying to run a business. I was already searching and researching apps that would help enforce the homeschooling concepts I was trying to teach.  Then I thought, this could be a good podcast idea! Let’s share our reviews with the world.  Most of the reviews are from my children, although I do get other parents and other kids to review apps. The result is honest reviews from kids that have tried the products.

Kristina: How old are your children?

Karolina:  They are five and nine.

Kristina: What apps do you recommend? Do you have anything specifically for math?

Karolina: Math has a lot of apps, but many of them just aren’t very good.  The one that I recommend is called Prodigy, and it’s actually free! Prodigy has the visual look of Animal Crossing. Kids do battles against the characters, and they must answer questions correctly to get points.  My two boys were obsessed with it.  They will play it constantly. The best part is, it didn’t feel like learning for them, and the app is free.

Kristina: Awesome. What else do you recommend for us today?

Karolina: The other app I’ve got, which I would recommend, is called TT Rockstars, and that’s to help kids with their timetables. This app is for kids ages 7 and up.  It is a little more difficult than the other app mentioned. My kids like that as they level up in the game, they achieve rock hero status. I mean, how better to get your kids to learn tables? It’s a really great app!

Kristina: Anytime you can get your child learning through play, it will be enjoyable for them but really effective in their learning. I love the idea of learning through these apps. Sometimes you just have to speak your child’s language. That’s how kids are learning today. They like electronics! I know we were trying to limit kids from the screen, but sometimes it is better not to “fight the beast.” I feel like these apps are going to be amazing. Do you have anything else that you recommend for learning coding?

Karolina: There are two apps that I recommend.  It’s maybe stretching things to call the first recommendation just an app. It’s more of a product, but I think it’s great.  It is called the Arduino Starter Kit. This app is actually electronics and coding in a kit. Children create simple items like a light switch turning on and off, or they can upgrade it with other kits that they add to this kit and create more complex things like robots.

The other app I recommend it for the Nintendo Switch. This game is aimed at coding. It’s called Fuse. It has various kinds of minigames. The look of the game is pixelated like an old-school Atari game.  Kids learn to create through code. It is quite complex, but the game breaks down coding into simple steps.

Kristina: These four apps that we’ve mentioned today are a great start for my audience. Where can they find you and your podcast?

Karolina:  We are on all the major searchable podcast hosts, so all you need to do is search Kids Review Edtech. Also, we’re open to people that want to review apps and come on the show. We’re really keen to get more parents and more kids on the show. So if anyone is interested in sharing their reviews, we are more than happy to hear from them!

Kristina: I think it’s a great resource for everybody.


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