Turn Phone Photos Into A Legacy

Ken Wimberly tells a personal story of how he overcame his past to focus on being a good father. He talks about how he values documenting his parenting journey and more importantly, the life of his children. With his invention of the Legacy App, Ken developed a way for parents to take their phone photos, journaling, and other memories and store them in one safe place to keep a timeline of documentation for his children. Free resources included in this video can be found inside the Impactful Parent App. Links to the app are found in the comments below.

Watch the Video below


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Highlighted main points and summary of the interview:

Turn Phone Photos Into A Legacy

  • Ken Wimberly’s story of adversity and how he grew up
  • Ken talks about the beginning ideas of the app and how other influenced his idea to build an app for documentation
  • How the app works and some cool features
  • Ken addresses the time it takes to document milestones and children’s growth
  • Ideas for how to use the legacy app to make a long lasting impression on your children
  • 2 Freebies for the audience
    • Discounted prices for the app’s special features
    • A PDF download available inside the Impactful Parent App

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