iPhone Charger Wars: A True Story //

I have the ultimate family test of love, compassion, and sharing!  ……  “What is it you ask?” Share ONE iPhone charger for a week.  LOL  Yep, my family of 4 kids plays this game all-the-time!  They must love it because no matter how hard we try to keep the house stocked with chargers, it inevitably always comes down to ONE.  That one charger that has someone’s name written on it, but it has been smudged out so that no one can make out the writing.  That one charger that starts a war between siblings and turns the fight into a suburban version of The Hunger Games.  That one charger that barely works because it has been pulled out of the wall too many times and the wires are exposed.  This charger becomes a lifeline for my children and they fight over it like piranhas.  Sound familiar?

iPhone Charger Wars

iPhone Charger Wars

Well, this week, I am turning the tables and need your advice and parenting tips!  What do you do?  I feel like there are a few options:

  1. Take the charger away and let the electronics die a slow death. The consequence of this could be a lovely night that is screen-free, but I am more anticipating 4 kids crying in their bedrooms and weeping, moaning, and acting like, they too, are dying.
  2. Pick one kid that has been especially awesome lately and let that child use the charger while the others cry in their room and yell at me for picking favorites.
  3. Create a rotating schedule of charging everyone’s phone for 15 minutes. No one is happy, but their phone is given just enough life to keep the screen on.
  4. I buy all 4 kids’ new chargers and I cry in my room, silently defeated by the parenting game because my kids just won.

What do you think?  Is there a better option?  What do YOU do?  Please leave your comments below so we all can benefit from your fantastic idea and experience.  That is what this community is all about; helping each other!  Let’s hear your advice!  In the meantime, I bought a Samsung.  Let the kids play this crazy game while my phone is still at 100%.  (wink, wink)

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