Foster Care and Adoption

This is a can’t miss interview!  Laura Hernandez, mom of 10 kids, tells the Impactful Parent community lessons from being a mom of 10!  Laura highlights some special topics such as foster-to-adopt, how to stay organized, what’s it is like to have children with special needs, and so much more!

Here are some questions that I ask Laura during our meeting:

Foster Care and Adoption

Foster Care and Adoption

  • Do you have any tips for the foster-to-adopt process?
  • What are your children’s special needs, and how do you help them?
  • What were your special needs expectations?
  • Are you afraid the biological parents will come back?
  • What is the best part of the foster-to-adopt experiences?
  • How do you create quality time with 10 kids?
  • Do you ever go out to eat?
  • How do you drive 10 kids around?
  • What are your tips for creating systems?
  • How do you make yourself a priority?

If you are considering adoption or foster-to-adopt in your city, this is a great video resource!  Listen as this real mom of foster kids talks candidly about her struggles and triumphs of being a foster mom.

Laura is full of great information, and anyone can learn from this experienced mom!  Read, Listen, or watch the video!

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