Essential Oils For Healthier Children

Special guest, Cindy Vallone, gives tips for

  • HOW to use essential oils
  • WHAT kind of essential oils you want to use for STRESS, SLEEP, MOOD, ENERGY, FOCUS, and SELF-CARE.
  • Tips for what to look for when buying essential oils and so much more!

Listen and learn as Cindy helps parents understand the benefits of essential oils for healthier children!

Watch the Video below

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Essential Oils For Healthier Children

Cindy Vallone is a busy wife, mom of two teenage boys, and an entrepreneur.  She and her family have been using essential oils for over six years and have made over their medicine cabinet. Today, they use essential oils as their first line of defense for “head to toe” wellness. Cindy advocates for essential oil use in families, whether for physical, emotional, or mental wellness. Cindy buys and sells her essential oils from the company DeTerra, where she is a representative. Cindy can also help you purchase the best products for your family.

Essential Oils For Healthier Children

Essential Oils For Healthier Children

Video clock summary:

0:00 An introduction to essential oils and the show

1:19 What are essential oils? How are they made? Cindy explained that essential oils are derived from plants and nature.

1:55 How did Cindy get into essential oils? Turns out that Cindy started out as a skeptic. She did not believe that essential oils would work to improve her headaches until a friend of hers encouraged her to try essential oils for her migraines.

2:56 How long does it take to see the effects of essential oils? Cindy explains that some essential oils have immediate effects and results depending on what you use the essential oils for.

Essential Oils For Healthier Children

Essential Oils For Healthier Children

3:50 What to look for in purchasing essential oils. Many grocery stores and other realtors do NOT sell pure essential oil blends. It is important to look out for harmful additives. DeTerra’s essential oils are all 100% pure, and that is why Cindy trusts this particular brand for herself and her family.

5:55 How can I use essential oils? Cindy explains 3 ways to use essential oils: topically, aromatic, and ingestion.

7:48 What essential oils can I use for sleep? Cindy gives options

9:00 What essential oils can I use for stress? Cindy gives options

10:15 Safety tips with essential oils.

Essential Oils For Healthier Children

Essential Oils For Healthier Children

10:46 What essential oils can I use for mood? Cindy gives options

13:02 How to use essential oils with infants.

13:46 What essential oils can I use for self-care? Cindy gives options

15:29 What essential oils can I use for energy and focus? Cindy gives options

17:40 Cindy’s contact information and how you can become a more impactful parent.

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