Dealing with postpartum depression and anxiety

Dealing with postpartum depression and anxiety with special guest Keisha Tower!  This is the first interview in a NEW Impactfulp Parent series called Inspire and Learn.  In the interview, Keisha talks candidly about her struggles with depression and anxiety after her 3 pregnancies.   Topics of discussion include:

  • Did you have any anxiety or depression BEFORE you got pregnant?
  • When did you get help? and what help?
  • What was the low point?
  • What were your symptoms and warning signs?
  • Who supported you?
  • Advice for a husband dealing with a postpartum wife
  • What would you do differently?

Keisha Tower’s journey is inspirational and relatable.  Keisha aims to spread awareness about depression and anxiety after having a baby in order to allow women to accept their struggles and get help.

Watch Dealing with postpartum depression and anxiety video today!

Dealing with postpartum depression and anxiety

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