Connection: Which Comes First, my child, or me? A video about the importance of the parent-child connection and how the connection with your child can actually free you to take more time for yourself.

I know there are days when you are pulling out your hair.  I know you are tired and cannot seem to get ahead.   We are all experiencing more burnout and frustration with our lives than ever before.  Why?  I believe parents are torn and stretched in too many directions. Parents are multitasking too much, and we are in a paradox of responsibilities.  Do we pause and take care of our own needs, or do we continue to sacrifice our sanity, health, and well-being for our children?



In my opinion, the solution is a connection.  It is more important than ever to invest in making real connections with our kids.  They need it too.  No doubt, our children feel the weight of today on their shoulders (be it school, lack of social interaction, COVID-19 restrictions, or pressures to be successful).  Our children feel the grey cloud we live in also.  Ironically, parents are only required to provide their children with food, clothing, and shelter by law.   Yet, I have never heard of a teenager commit suicide because they were hungry.  Instead, people fall into depression because there is a lack of connection.  And it is a connection with our children which will give us the freedom to take care of ourselves.   Let me explain.

There will be times when we must put our family second so we can put ourselves first.   This does not have to be often, but we all need that alone time, adult time, or self-care time to recharge.  If you have already put in the time to connect with your kids, they will also know that you will have their back when push comes to shove. You will have already created those bonds that prove to your children that you love them, and you will not abandon them in their time of need.  Then, when you must put yourself first for an hour or a day, your child will understand.   They will feel secure in your relationship with them.  This is how you can balance the paradox of parenting responsibilities and still maintain some sense of self to take care of your own needs.



So today, I encourage you to put down the phone and turn off the TV.  Make a reoccurring appointment on your calendar for spending quality time with your kids.   The connection does not happen overnight, and it must be consistent.   Make it a priority in your schedule, and I hope you will also find that you will have more time for yourself in the long run.

To learn more about the 3 fundamental needs of children, watch my video: What Child Need with the link (below).  If you want to connect with your child but need a place to start, I offer FREE 30-Day challenges to connect with your child one question at a time.  All you need to do is sign up, and I will send you one new question every day for 30 days.  The questions will provoke conversation and give you topics to talk about with your child in the car, on the way to school, or before bed.  Give it a try today.  Find your 30 Day challenge at

Make it a priority. Put it on your calendar. You got this. I am just here to help.

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