behavior Management

Behavior Management 

The ages of 9-17 present a special challenge for both the child and their parents.  All the change and growth that happens during this time period is difficult to manage, let alone- keep up!  Emotions are high and this causes the adolescent brain to do crazy things.  

You are not alone in your struggle as a parent.   There are things you can do to help your child and bring balance back into your household.

behavior Management

Introducing the Behavior Management online course

Give your child the tools & techniques they need to take back control of their body, emotions, and choices!
Parenting App The Impactful Parent
Parenting App The Impactful Parent
Parenting App The Impactful Parent
behavior Management
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50 Life Skills To Teach Your Child Before They Graduate High School


 This 50 skills are essential for a young person to learn before they leave home so that they can become an independent, young adult.  PLUS- Parents, you will have better peace of mind knowing your kids have these 50 essential skills!

Grab your copy today!  Start teaching your child the skills they need to be independent and make good choices.

**Don’t wait until your child’s senior year to teach them these 50 skills! Get started today with your middle-schooler.**

behavior Management

The Foundation of Discipline

Discipline and Teaching kids to learn from their mistakes can make you want to pull your hair out!  

I am here to help!   Watch the short video about the 4 different types of discipline. 

Then, click the link below and get the FREE PDF that helps you start a conversation with your child that DOESN’T INVOLVE YELLING, and best of all- HELPS YOUR CHILD LEARN FROM THEIR CHOICES!

Lastly, watch the video below on Teaching Teenagers To Learn From Their Mistakes.

Help Your Child Learn From Their Mistakes

We don’t want our kids to keep making the same mistakes over and over.

BUT many parents discipline their children and assume that the punishment or consequences of their actions will teach their child the greater lesson.  This is not always the case! 

How then, do we teach our kids to learn from their mistakes more effectively?  

Watch this video and download the FREE PDF today!

When Your Child is Hanging Out With The Wrong Crowd

I know this is scary!

What do you do when you think your child is hanging out with bad influences?  This is tricky- for sure!  

Click on the photo to watch the video of tips for this kind of situation.  Second, download the FREE PDF How To Identify Toxic Relationships.  This free PDF can help you start a conversation with your child and give them the tools they need to make better choices!

Talking To Teachers

Discover the most effective way to talk to teachers!

Watch the video and get the FREE PDF that gives you the questions you need to ask teachers during Parent-Teacher Conferences.  These questions will help you get to the root of the issues and more effectively HELP YOUR CHILD!

This is a must-see video for any parent who needs to have a parent-teacher conference.