Creating a connection and a true bond with your child is critical to your child's mental health, resiliency, and growth through the adolescent years.   

The parent-child connection is a pivotal component to being an impactful parent.  

Here, you can find resources to creating and maintaining that connection with your child.

Connect With Your Child One Day At A Time

Take a 30 Day Challenge! 

Stop boring conversations.  Quit asking dead-end questions that only require yes or no answers.  Don’t ask the annoying questions like, “How was your day, or Do you have any homework tonight?”

INSTEAD, start a conversation that is interesting and allows you to get to know your child better!  Ask questions that make your child stop and think about their perspective.  Learn more about your child’s point of view, and look forward to your conversation starter each day! Let’s start talking!

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All-Ages 30 Day Challenge! Get to know your child better with a variety of questions. Each question comes with an optional one-minute video for the parent, explaining the intention of the day. Questions can be adapted to any age.
Be A Better Parent 30 Day Challenge! This challenge is comprised of doing a different ACTIVITY with your child each day. Activities are free and best suited for ages 8 - 12 years of age.
30 Day Fun Questions Challenge! This 30 Day Challenge is filled with fun questions to ask your child. Unlike the previous "All-Ages 30 Day Challenge" above, these questions are meant just for prompting conversation and fun.
30 Day Challenge For Parent's and Tweens/Teens! These questions are designed to spark some debate and give parent's an idea about their child's perspective on controversial topics.

Discover if YOU are meeting your child's fundamental needs with this FREE PDF!

  • Is your child acting out? 
  • Does your child seem anxious? 
  • Maybe you feel that your child is starting to pull away from you emotionally?  

 Acting out, anxiety, and pulling away can signify that your child does not feel secure in their primary needs. 

Before you yell at your child again, watch this video.

Then start a conversation with your child with this FREE PDF!

There is a life BEYOND children.

It is easy to lose yourself to parenthood.  It is a natural instinct in many parents to give, give, and give to their children.  However, it is also important to care for ourselves and do things outside of children.  We must keep our sense of self! The result: happier parents and a more authentic connection with our kids.

So grab a comfy spot on the sofa and watch this video of my own personal journey of losing and finding myself.   Then, grab these FREE Tips that help you remember that amazing person you were BEFORE the kids arrived.  

12 Tips For Communicating Better With Your Child!

Sometimes our frustration with kids comes from a lack of good communication! Implement these 12 easy tips to improve your clarity and stop the misunderstandings today!

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